'The Longhaul Pioneers'

andy wyatt

Plane Speaking:  

Aviation based Motivational Talks

     A TV documentary proposal - 3 x 60 mins.

Long-haul air travel in the 21st century - commonplace, convenient and instantly forgettable.  But it wasn't always so..........

History and adventure collide as modern-day commercial airline pilots, Andy Wyatt and Colin McGregor (brother of Ewan), attempt to recreate intercontinental air travel1930s style, on an ambitious expedition across Europe and Africa following in the footsteps of the pilots of Imperial Airways.

Empire Skies tells the story of this complex undertaking whilst shedding light on the extraordinary achievements of the first generation of commercial aviators.

Empire Skies explores the political and social impact of inter-continental air travel on Great Britain and the world in the two decades leading up to the Second World War.

Modern television audiences demand to be led through the events and places that shaped the world we live in by someone they trust, who is good company and who has an infectious enthusiasm.

The way we fly has changed so much in such a short space of time that the 'Imperial' way is almost unrecognisable.  Andy and Colin know better than anyone, that for the comfort, safety and convenience we take for granted today, we owe everything to the brave pioneering aviators of the 1920s and 1930s.