Plane Speaking:  

Aviation based Motivational Talks

Jenny Forde
Chair, The Big Project: Andy hosted a fundraising charity evening for around 80 people. The tickets sold out extremely fast as everyone seems to love hearing about the Red Arrows. Andy was the consummate professional throughout the entire process. The event was our most successful to date, Andy was very entertaining, informative and illustrated his talk with uplifting action video clips and amusing anecdotes. With something for everyone, the room was enthralled; hanging on his every word and even when we overran the questions kept on coming from the floor. To top a great evening, we raised a record-breaking amount of money and people still talk about the event even now. Andy is a charismatic speaker with an ability to connect with a wide variety of people of all ages. I would recommend him without hesitation.


Lt Col Jeremy Clarke
Hon Secretary, The Bull Club:
Andy – thank you so much for agreeing to be our after-dinner speaker.  I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did – your talk really was a great success and will be talked about for some time to come.
andy wyatt
  Anne Vansverry
Queen Elizabeth Ship Executive, Cunard:
​Andy I have just received the voyage report from the Entertainment Director on board the Queen Elizabeth and you can see that the comments and score that you received were exceptional – this really is excellent.  We would like to thank you for preparing and presenting your talks and look forward to seeing you on board again in the near future.

  Peter Rushton
Director, The P&R Agency:
Andy – very many thanks for your insight lectures on your recent voyage and well done for scoring so highly, you are going to be in great demand!

Steve Phoenix
Chairman - Wiltshire Flyers:
​Andy gave us a presentation at our Club. It was an absolutely
brilliant night, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. He is a fascinating speaker and his stories of his time with the Red Arrows kept us on the edge of our seats and made us feel that we were in the cockpit with him! I've had great feedback from the rest of the Club, everyone thought that it was one of the highlights of the year and is still being talked about.    
Gary Thomson
Chief of Staff - Gloucestershire Constabulary
Recently, Gloucestershire Constabulary had the pleasure of welcoming Andy to a meeting of our senior leadership team. For some time now, the Constabulary has been developing our Supportive Leadership and Wellbeing initiatives amongst our senior leaders and Andy's input on high performing teams and conflict management in The Red Arrows was both thought provoking and informative.

​Andy has a very engaging style of delivery - aided by his unique insight into the life of a Red Arrows pilot.

We thoroughly enjoyed his informative input.

Rachel Kirton
Director of UX and Innovation

Hi Andy,
Thanks again for a really fantastic talk today. Please feel free to include this testimonial on your website.
Andy attended our company kick-off day, and completely enthralled the room. Accompanied with terrific video and visual aids, his talk was fascinating and inspiring, powerfully told, and extremely insightful. We were looking to learn about teamship and specifically the importance of debriefing, and Andy could not have delivered more or responded better to our brief. 
He spoke with clarity and also with humour, and provided a detailed insight into the debriefing and team selection process, and left us with a lot of lessons that we can directly apply to what we do. He also responded very attentively to the vast array of questions from our audience afterwards. 
Feedback from attendees has been fantastic - thank you Andy for a really uplifting end to a very busy day.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Andy to anyone looking for an inspiring speaker, or to learn about teamship - you will not be disappointed!

Capt Phil Jones
Chairman 41 Club and Round Table (Chippenham): Thank you for your absolutely brilliant presentation on The Red Arrows, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings we have had in a long time – and we have had some very good speakers!  Your success was demonstrated by the lengthy question session at the end.  

Ed Alford

Vice President Enterprise Systems BP Group:

​Andy - a huge thank you for coming to talk to our team of executives last night, we really got a buzz from hearing about your anecdotes and career. Truly fantastic! I look forward to working with you in the future.

Peter Barefoot

President, Swindon Rotary Club:

The atmosphere was already highly convivial at the Rotary Club of Swindon's Presidents night, but when Andy Wyatt took to the floor for his presentation it turned electric!  From the rigours of controlling the Lightning to the precision of flying as a pilot with The Red Arrows, Andy's performance was everything we expected - properly planned and executed.  But in typical Andy fashion - with a high degree of passion and humour thrown in.  As President hosting the night, I took the credit for Andy's polished performance - just as he expected!

Andrew Harper

Vice Chairman, Wotton-under-Edge RNLI:

If you are looking for a charismatic, entertaining, knowledgable speaker then look no further; Andy fits that description perfectly.  His presentation on The Red Arrows brought in our first full house at our annual fund-raising talk on behalf of the RNLI and kept everyone captivated all evening.  Andy is a great communicator with an obvious depth of knowledge of his subject, and is able to pitch the topic perfectly for his audience.  He comes with my full recommendation.

Neil Laughton

CEO, Business Leadership Academy:

Andy, your recent talk was pitched perfectly - many thanks!  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Air Commodore Rick Peacock - Edwards

Vice Chairman, RAF Club:

Andy gave a quite brilliant talk at our most recent Club Dinner to a high profile audience; they were captivated.  The talk was both fascinating and interesting and everyone enjoyed listening to a talk that was delivered with both panache and enthusiasm.  I am not surprised that Andy is in such demand to speak.

Sarah O'Connor

Events and Digital Marketing Executive, RAF Club:

Dear Sqn Ldr Wyatt - please see below some of the wonderful comments we received after your recent talk at the RAF Club;

'I thought that the dinner with Andy Wyatt was a great success.  He was a wonderful speaker and had excellent photos and other imagery'.

'I thought that Sqn Ldr Andy Wyatt was quite the best after-dinner speaker I had heard on such an occasion.  Let's have some more like him.....! Especially speakers who know how to use a 'mike'!'

'Please thank Andy Wyatt for a really memorable evening.  Compliments have been flooding in to me all day from my eight guests'.

Bill Miller

Adjunct Curator Ocean Liner Studies and Professional Speaker:

Andy, you are a SUPERB speaker......charm, knowledge, beautifully dressed and, most of all, passionate about your subject......your love of the likes of Imperial Airways and Concorde flow (fly) through the audience........

I would place you in the 10 Best Speakers that I've heard in say, the past 10


Kate Graeme-Cook

Marketing & Business Development Manager,

Adventure Under Sail:

Our charity which operates the Tall Ship training vessel 'Pelican of London', was delighted to have Andy from Plane Speaking Ltd on board as our lecturer / commentator for the Bournemouth Air Festival (August 2015).  We had a mixed audience on board from people who knew very little about flying to commercial pilots.  I can honestly say that everybody thoroughly enjoyed Andy's presentation which was informative, educational and at times, hilarious.  Andy explained the structure of The Red Arrows and their history, the recruitment process, the training and manoeuvres, in a really engaging way that was thoroughly enjoyable.  He is an incredibly gifted speaker and we all felt really privileged to have this experience.  Andy's skill at explaining technical detail very simply was, quite frankly, awe inspiring and I would recommend him as a motivational speaker without hesitation. Thank you Andy for your time, good humour, patience and interest in our charity.

Simon Wright-Cooper

Club Secretary

Royal Naval Club and Royal Albert Yacht Club:

Andy, thank you for being our speaker on Wednesday evening - we have had lots of plaudits from Club members and would be grateful if you could return to do another talk for us in the New Year.

Sean Balmer

Projects Director - Aecom.

Nuclear & Environment International, Management Services Group:

Andy spoke at the Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster Nuclear Energy Business Opportunities Conference (NEBOC '15), to an audience of 250 Nuclear professionals.  To a person they were captivated by his experiences, easy manner of presenting and the synergies to both human performance and safety, although some of use felt that 500mph at 250ft above the ground whilst banking and pulling 5g would be unlike;y to be accepted by the Nuclear regulators! An amazing presentation by a fabulous presenter.

Ivan Baldwin

n-eboc 15 Event Chair and BECBC Director.

​Andy - we would like to thank you for attending the n-eboc 15 dinner and for delivering your excellent after dinner talk. We have received really positive feedback about your appearance which everyone found very interesting.....though some felt a little queasy just watching the low level flying! n-eboc 15 has been hailed as a huge success, with very positive feedback, and it raised awareness of the opportunities in the nuclear sector for the future with the supply chain.  We are grateful for your support, which helped us deliver such a high-level event in West Cumbria.  We hope to see

you at the BECBC again in the future.

Kathy Rettie

Chairman of Soroptimists International, Cirencester.

Andy - on behalf of Soroptimist International, thank you so much for delivering such an interesting, knowledgable and fun presentation.  I have heard nothing except delight at being privileged to hear first-hand knowledge from a Red Arrows pilot. Thank you!

Bill Ramsay

Vulcan Display Pilot.

Andy spoke at the End of the Vulcan Gala Dinner.  His talk, for a Lightning pilot (!), was both amusing entertaining and emotional (many guests were in tears at the end). I would highly recommend Andy as a speaker at an event such as this.

Adrian Bull

Director of External Relations - National Nuclear Laboratory.

Andy gave a great after-dinner speech to our Annual Awards Dinner at the Revolution Gallery in Manchester.  In addition to a fascinating and entertaining half hour, he kept the audience of around 150 guests listening in total silence throughout.  Not only that, he included a customised section to link his talk to some of the key priorities of our industry, and indeed to the categories of our awards.

Feedback from everyone I spoke to was that he was an excellent choice of speaker for the event.  He was also very helpful and flexible in the run-up to the dinner - a real pleasure to work with.  Highly recommended.

John Sessions

Owner and CEO, The Historic Flight Foundation, Seattle.

Pull up a chair to the warm fire.  Listen to a good friend speak of history and experience.  Engage in friendly dialogue until all your questions have been answered.  Such is the time spent with Andy Wyatt.  "Humour", "candour", "connection" and "inspiration" are watchwords.  You will leave enriched with an appetite for more.

Sue Wickstead

Host - Save The Children Charity Lunch, Tewkesbury.

Andy - Thank you so very much for  coming to our lunch  Without exception, evryone really enjoyed your talk and several people have asked for your details.  We have had nothing but glowing comments from those who attended - thank you for making our event so successful.  You will be pleased to know that you helped us to raise  a tidy sum for our charity.

Ann Pedley

Royal Southern Yacht Club, Hamble.

​Andy Wyatt - former Red Arrows pilot, came to the Royal Southern Yacht Club and gave an excellent talk at one of our lecture nights. Andy talked about and showed pictures of some of the aircraft he has flown and had the audience gripping their seats as the closeness of the aircraft to each other was incredible.  Hearing about the training that these exceptional pilots have to go through was in itself impressive, and all who attended came away full of admiration for the skills shown.  

Andy is a quite brilliant speaker - his current role as a 747 Captain must be quite a contrast to the Red Arrows!  The talk was so impressive that a number of people said that they would like to hear it again.  Brilliant.  

Tim Ballinger

President, Tewkesbury Rotary Club.

​With an audience ranging from an ex RAF pilot to aviators and business people accompanied by their partners, Andy kept everyone mesmerised for the entirety of his talk on the Red Arrows.

Thanks Andy - it was truly brilliant and we are very grateful to you for coming.

Sarah-Ann Bradford

Save the Children, Malvern Branch.

On Fri 5th May, Andy spoke to the Save the Children Branch in Malvern about his life in flying, both before and after his experiences as a Red Arrows pilot.  It was a most interesting and enjoyable talk and although some of us felt that a 45 minute talk might be rather long, it just sped by!

The fact that Andy used video clips in the talk was great - what an exciting life he has led and now what a polished speaker he is, sharing his experiences with his audience in a most professional manner.

​The number of questions following Andy's talk showed just how closely everyone had been listening!  The amount raised for save the Children was also a reflection of how many people were keen to hear the talk - they were not disappointed.

Steve Hall

Operations and Facilities Management Executive - Crossrail.

Andy - I managed to catch your extremely well presented and informative presentation to our management team yesterday. Brilliant. Keep up the good work and your continued support to the HSE and Health Community.

I have also received the following comments:

I enjoyed Andy's whole presentation but the item that most appealed to me was the effectiveness of a daily debrief - open and honest conversation to learn lessons and the behavioural commitment not to let what is said during the debrief affect relationships at work.

​It was a fascinating talk, well received and Andy was able to identify with our theme of Collaboration and Cooperation in a very meaningful way.

Everyone here at Crossrail, who attended your Collaboration and Cooperation talk on 4th May was rewarded with a highly informative, interesting, relevant and captivating presentation.

As a career pilot, whose experience includes The Red Arrows, it gave everyone present an engaging topic that they could easily relate to.  We felt that  your style was one of passion; clear, concise, enlightening and engaging.  We appreciated your explanations of a pilot's ability to rapidly and accurately process information, to make decisions based on fact, and to remain calm in demanding situations.

There can be no better way to illustrate planning, preparation and debriefing (analysis of the execution) than in an aerobatic team where no detail, error or improvement measure can be ignored.  It was also interesting to see how you personally take some of these elements forward in to your current role as an airline Captain.  i.e. flight deck debriefs.

In summary, an excellent highly informative presentation that was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our "Stepping Up" campaign 

John Kernan 

New Forest Rotary Club in support of Sailability.

Firstly, very many thanks for your time and effort in coming to Southampton and giving your talk last night.  The presentation was absolutely first class and at least a dozen people bothered to come up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it - the general consensus being that it was the best talk we have had for a very long time.  the video clips were so well woven into the story with personal aspects making for a totally fascinating and enjoyable evening - well done!

​The great thing about giving you a short review is that there is no element of over-statement, it is all absolutely true - it really was an excellent presentation.

Andy Wyatt, former Red Arrows pilot and now a Captain flying 747 Jumbos on long haul, gave a riveting talk beautifully illustrated with video and photographs of life in the Red Arrows, the selection, training and displays. This made for a fascinating account of life at a speed that most of us can only imagine.  This was the best presentation we have had in many years, and of equal interest to both men and women.

Caroline Davies

Director of Property Services - Orbit Group.

Andy gave us a fabulous motivational talk on team skills.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and he linked it to our team working theme perfectly.

James Lambert

President JCI UK, Southampton.

We were delighted that Andy was able to speak at our event for young professionals.  During his presentation Andy shared his career history including some impressive stories and breathtaking video clips.  Throughout his presentation he managed to portray things in a way that made it easy for the delegates to relate certain key messages to their own lives lives such as the power of teamwork and communication.  If you are looking for an entertaining, informative and inspirational speaker I would strongly recommend that you consider booking Andy. 

Paul O'Loughlin

Entertainments Director, Queen Mary 2.

​Andy has a really excellent set of talks and managed to fill our 500 seat theatre on every occasion.


Theatre manager, Queen Mary 2.

​Andy, your talks were a fire risk.  We rarely have people standing at the back of the theatre and sitting on the stairs unable to get a seat!  Well done for filling us to capacity.

Joanne Cleghorn

Head of Estates

Electricity North West.

Always a fan of the Red Arrows from a young age and loving air travel in general, I was thrilled when I found out that you be be the guest speaker at our Finance Director's conference at Haydock Park.  Your talk not only gave us an amazing insight into such a wonderful area of our armed forces and what I would consider to be a national treasure, it also gave inspiration for us as a company, for me personally as a manager and for the teams we are part of and manage. 

It was an absolute privilege to listen to you and I would like to personally thank you for your time and for the messages you gave - my team have talked of nothing else since!

​Thank you again for your inspiration and motivation.

Sarah Crawford

Head of Sixth form, Farmor's School.

Andy is a thoroughly engaging speaker.  His enthusiasm and passion for anything to do with aviation is evident and you can't help but feel some of that yourself too!  His talk was tailored fantastically for my students with elements of practical careers advice along with his own experiences as both an RAF and now commercial pilot.  His accompanying visual displays really brought his talk to life.  I can highly recommend Andy as a speaker.  

Ralph Topping

Severn Trent Water.

I recently attended the Severn Trent Water Team Building event in Leicester and was intrigued to see that the agenda included a "guest speaker".  The speaker turned out to be Andy Wyatt.

The presentations prior to his arrival had been the usual mix of corporate messages from senior management about the new team of Capital Delivery and Commercial, but the content was less than inspirational to say the least.

​A video of aerobatic flying introduced us to Andy.  He uses his experience as a former Red Arrows pilot to deliver some key messages about teamwork and everything that goes on behind the scenes to make the Red Arrows succeed, adapting some scenarios to align with our Capital Delivery and Commercial strap lines.

Throughout his time on stage, the audience was captivated and Andy's presentation was the best of the day, not only in my opinion, but also several of my colleagues who I spoke to afterwards.

It is clear that Andy is a first class orator and delivers a message that is indeed inspirational.  If anyone is looking for someone to provide a motivational message, then I can thoroughly recommend Andy as the man to do it!

Tanya Orr

Executive Director

Willows Counselling Service.

From even before starting to speak, Andy was a hit!  He engaged wonderfully with a young 'pilot to be' and subsequently encouraged him and engaged with him throughout his talk.

Andy was professional yet fun, mixing technical information with interesting stories and fabulous visual aids.  Everyone who attended said how amazing the evening was.

Many thanks Andy from all at Willows Counselling.

Jacqui Eadie

Parent - Joan of Arc School

​Andrew - what a fabulous talk!  

Ciaran has just come home from school and I asked him what he thought about your presentation and he said "it was mad!" Apparently if I was "down with the kids" I would realise that that meant really, really good.  He really liked the videos showing what the pilot's perspective was like and said that the annoying kids next to him actually shut up when you started talking, so they were clearly impressed by you too.  Ciaran really enjoyed your talk and he thinks that the others did too!